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Health Benefits of Specific Fresh Kitchen Menu Items Like Juices and Dishes

Come on into Fresh Kitchen Boca Raton, where no matter what you eat, you’ll be nourishing your body with the best quality, beneficial ingredients! We pride ourselves on serving up the ultimate range of healthy eating options, and providing dishes for those with gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan dietary restrictions. We make our food and juices with your wellness in mind, so you can chow down feeling confident that your body will thank you!


Served up for early risers and late sleepers alike, our breakfast menu is available until 2pm daily. If you’re after a classic breakfast, you’ll love our Oatmeal Bowl, prepared with a heart healthy mix of steelcut and whole rolled oats with your choice of strawberry pecan, banana walnut, or blueberry almond toppings. It’s the perfect breakfast to give you balanced energy release throughout the day. In need of some essential omega-3 fats? Try our Smoked Salmon Platter, served with tomato, red onion, and pita bread. If you’re cutting back on calories, our Queen B’s Egg Whites Gluten Free breakfast is perfect for you! Whatever your dietary needs, we’ve got something delicious to satisfy all the requirements for the most important meal of the day.



Starting from 11am, you have a bevy of options for lunch and dinner to choose from. To keep your body fueled and to ward off that sluggish midday feeling often inspired by a heavy lunch, try one of our fresh, nourishing options! If you’re craving something light or are stopping in for a snack, our Avocado Cups will steal your heart. Two avocado halves filled with tomato and feta cheese on a bed of mixed greens, feeding you healthy fats, lycopene, and disease fighting vitamin and minerals. Our Roasted Cauliflower starter adorned with turmeric and house spices will provide you with an essential dose of your daily vitamin c, vitamin k, thiamin, magnesium, and more! If you’re trying to eat clean and cut back on the bread, you can’t go wrong with one of Fresh Kitchen’s signature salads, all of which are tossed to order to ensure the peak quality. For something a bit heartier, you’re taste buds and your body will approve of our Veggie Burger Wrap, Roasted Veggie Wrap with goat cheese, or any of our other balanced varieties assembled on a whole wheat, sundried tomato, or spinach wrap, no simple carbs here!



Skip out on the pizza or fast food and come on into Fresh Kitchen to help your body recover from a day of activity.  Our Zero Fat Tuna Bowl prepped with quinoa, arugula, carrot, celery, and cucumber will offer high levels of heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids, helping to reduce cholesterol. Ditch the heavy pasta loaded with cheese and get a rich serving of vitamin A, magnesium, folate, and potassium with our low calorie Zucchini Pasta Bolognese.



Available throughout the day, our juices are packed with 100% fruits and veggies, sans syrups, sugars, or additives. With a massive roster of juices to serve a variety of functions, there are unlimited options for increasing your ability to attain the necessary supply of vitamins and minerals. And if you really want an added boost, ask for a shot of wheatgrass, which contains all minerals known to man, 17 amino acids, and contains up to 70% chlorophyll.

We pride ourselves on offering the most wholesome meals and juices, and as such we’ve taken the healthiness guesswork out of the menu. No matter which menu item you choose, you can be certain that your body will thank you for feeding it the highest quality health conscious cuisine. Because none of our options are friend or refined sugar ridden, you can’t make a wrong selection! Whether you’re cutting calories, trying to attain more nutrients, or just maintaining ongoing health, Fresh Kitchen Boca Raton has a wealth of options for you to enjoy!

College Courses that Expand on Marketing Solutions

As an advertising consultant and former college professor that is advertising, I believe the word “plan” simply seems foreboding. My expertise with clients and MBA students leads me to consider the “planning” of anything tends to conjure up pictures of hours and hours of dull and rigorous See Wharton, laborious work. But it will not have to be. Developing a marketing strategy that is simple isn’t that hard even though it might sound frightening. And, it’s some thing that should always be performed before executing advertising activities and before attempting to measure/evaluate the effectualness of marketing efforts—both of which are crucial to the best success of any company. A plan will allow you to improve the odds of achieving your desired outcomes, as well as the chances for success of your promotion tasks.

You can find lots of variants in number and the arrangement of components comprised in marketing ideas that were various because each strategy is custom-tailored to to match circumstances, the situation, and company/advertising requirements of company owner, or a particular product, service, entrepreneur. Nonetheless, for our goals, there are some bare bones/ components that are regular that will be included in virtually any marketing strategy. These elements comprise the basic 4P’s of the “Marketing Mix” which are product, price, place (distribution channels), and promo, plus some other related and vital considerations.

Product Market: Include in your strategy a good description of your ideal customer Purdue marketing Ensure your description creates a living, respiring, individual” using naturally, and, a name, a style, income or a job, a life-style, hopes and wishes. Also, tell how support “ or your goods fits” into the li Fe/life-style of your ideal customer.

Positioning Declaration: How could you enjoy your customers that are intended to think of your product/service, versus aggressive choices? Think of what it is that establishes your product, service, or business besides the others like it, from your competition. What exactly is unique about your business, product, or business name, versus your direct competitors? You will probably find a complete list of things that established you aside, and also the following queries can help you choose which of those to revolve around. Which of these factors is/are many significant for your customer that is perfect? Today, exactly what’s several words, or one, you’d utilize to describe the way you desire your customers to think of your offer.

What exactly is many significant for your perfect customers when they’re purchasing what you might be promoting? Are product/service characteristics more significant? Or, are advantages more significant to your own perfect client? By way of example, after creating a sodium that would be free running even in damp climate, Morton Salt created a distinctive motto to advertise their goods, “When it rains, it flows.” This is an advantage and a feature, because sodium clumped together in damp climate. Who desires salt when it rains clumping together? Therefore, clients got the benefit of free- flowing salt, irrespective of what the weather was like. This gain was additionally a “characteristic” of the commodity. Other characteristics can be all “bells plus whistles” that include a merchandise. Technology gadgets with a lot of switches and flamboyant stuff designed to produce usage (and li Fe) simple and easy are often seen as amazing attributes.

Discuss both the processes you’ll use to attain revenue (sales method) and sales strategies (sales actions) you intend to work with. Success in selling is centered on use of efficient strategy and tactics. Revenue strategy describes your plan for sales tasks you are going to reach your ideal clients? Assets and what competitive differences can be found for you yourself to use? Strategies contain bolts” description and a nuts of your day-to day selling activities, such as your sales process, prospecting, and follow-up. Will you be looking to directly achieve only your ideal clients? Or will you also be seeking ways to sell to them through other influences (such as for example account associations, providers)?

You have to do your absolute best to remain conscious of your marketing atmosphere. A company’s marketing environment is made from forces as well as the tasks outside promotion that impact your capability to build and maintain relationships that are effective with your ideal client along with marketing management. Marketers like should be mindful of monitoring matters such as tendencies (demographics, ethnic, consumer life style, etc) and determining opportunities. That signifies being cognizant of movements and the interests of competitors, suppliers, and customers, together with studying the landscape for governmental, economical, social, or business advice with the potential to influence the selling of your products to your own clients.

Concussion Protocol Changed after Cam Newton Investigation


The NFL Players Association and the NFL launched separate and independent investigations on whether there was disregard to the league’s protocol on concussion. This was after Cam Newton suffered from a number of hits on his head about five weeks ago during the season opener with Denver Broncos. The investigations were meant to establish whether there was any wrong doing on the part of Carolina Panthers. This was after it seemed to go against the league’s protocol on removing a player to be checked for a concussion.

Investigation Conclusion

The investigation was concluded on Wednesday this week and the NFL concluded that a spotter resolved that Cam Newton did not suffer a concussion. The various issues in communication between the sideline and the spotter were addressed. This will result in the making of adjustments to the concussion protocol of the league. The NFLPA/NFL investigations reached a key finding. By the time the medical officials were through with determining whether Newton needed examination, the ATC spotter did not have the ability to stop the game’s action. This was the reason why Newton remained in the game without being granted a medical timeout until when possession ended.

The league has now changed its protocol to make sure that the ATC spotter will remain in contact until it is confirmed that the examination has fully occurred. Initially, the players union had concerns that there was some lack of oversight on the safety of Cam Newton due to the lack of a sidelines’ cognitive exam. This was the first ever investigation of this kind and in the event that the two had not reached a similar agreement then they would have gone for an arbitration in order to solve the matter.

About Cam Newton

Cameron Jerrell Newton plays in the American Football as a quarterback for Carolina Panthers in the National Football League (NFL). He used to play football in college at Auburn and Panthers drafted him as a first overall pick during the 2011 NFL Draft. He is the only modern era player to have received the Heisman Trophy, won a national chanmpionship and also got drafted as a first overall pick during the draft within a year. He also won the NFL Rookie of the Year in 2011, has won the Pro Bowler three times and also made it to the All Pro First Team of NFL in 2015. He broke the all-time NFL rookie records for rushing and passing yards. He was also the first quarterback in the history of NFL to throw 400 yards during his first game. He shattered th first-game record held by Peyton Manning by 120 yards.

Cam Newton also became the first quarterback rookie to have throws of 4,000 yards in a single season. He also broke the record for the most touchdowns by any quarterback in history by 14 in a single season. By doing so he broke Steve Grogan’s record that had stood for 35 years. Last year, Newtown wrote history again by becoming the first quarterback to throw at least 30 touchdowns and rush for 10 during the same season (35 passing, 10 rushing).

Google RankBrain

rankbrain2RankBrain is an artificial learning intelligence system machine used by Google to help sort through its results. This may come as a surprise for you trying to join in the dots and understand how it works, and how it is the Google overall ranking system. Here are a few steps to assist you to get how it works.

What is RankBrain?

To understand better how Google RankBrain operates you have to get the definition right and its uses. As from a report by Google, the RankBrain is the machine that learns th artificial intelligence of the system in processing its search results.

Machine learning

Machine learning is the process where the computer learns to do soothing by its own rather than when it’s taught by following detailed programming or by humans.

Artificial intelligence

Google RankBrain uses the artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence or as commonly known AI is where the computers functionality are as smart as the brain of a human in the sense of being able to process something new from the already acquired knowledge that is making new connections from what it already knows.

AI is commonly used to refer to the computer programs or systems that are designed to learn and make connections. Although it’s also true to say that AI only exists in fiction novels of science. Ti terms of Google RankBrain, the difference between AI and machine learning may seem synonymous, in most case you may hear them being used interchangeably or hear type of artificial intelligence used to describe machine learning approach being employed.aaeaaqaaaaaaaakeaaaajddhyjrimzbhlwm2ogetngnmns04otewltc1ztuxodfmyjrhng

By now it may be true to think that RankBrain is the ultimate way that Google uses to rank search results. However, Google ahs a major algorithm for its overall search and Rankbrain happens to be part of the set. Since its used in sorting through the many computer pages it knows about and find the one deemed with the most relevant information in relation to the particular search.

What RankBrain does

RankBrain is mainly used as a tool to interpret the searches that people submit although the pages in search they do not particularly use the same names as it was searched. This has helped the computer and Google to understand the variation of words therefore, giving the ultimate search.

Does Google RankBrain really help?

According to Google Rankbrain has really made a significant impact from when it joined in the algorithm family. Just like the car engine that has different parts with unique usage, RankBrain has made the overall search results to get a simple identification with the users findings. According to Google RankBrain is the third most important signal. Google takes pride in what it uses therefore, RankBrain must be really helping for it to be used by Google and advanced to the Hummingbird group which is the overall Google search engine

With the combination from all other parts that makes up Hummingbird algorithm, RankBrain teams up with the others although all of the parts are designed for a specific purpose as it can be seen on the SEO space. Other parts include; Payday, Panda, Penguin- used in fighting spam, Mobile-friendly –designed for mobile friendly pages, Pirate- to fight copyright infringement and Pigeon- for improving local results.

Social Media Marketing Basics


Social media is taking over and every business wants to get a piece of the cake. But unless you are privy to social media marketing basics, all your efforts will be in vain. For your heads up, here is how to do your social media marketing and be the leader of your niche:

Join the top social media platforms

Your social media efforts should not be in one front. You should take advantage of the available platforms. Join Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and anything out there that is making the headlines. Interlink all your pages and share your followers. You will be like killing many birds with one stone.

You need goals and objectives

Social media is no longer for kids hanging out; it is the new way to reach more customers and for buyer to sample products and services they want. Before you get into it, you need to have clear goals and objectives. Sit down and write what you want to achieve. Create a plan of how to achieve them. Go out there with a defined purpose and you will be the beast of social media.

Be relevant all the time

You do not just post content only to sell your products and services. You also need to be helpful to your audience. Give them some helpful tips on how to do something for themselves and not always asking them to buy or subscribe to your services.

Post regularly

Getting audience with one post does not you will have them forever because of that one post. They need something more and new. That is why you should keep posting useful content every now and then. This does not mean you have to be online always. You only need to find the time that your followers are more active.

Interact and socialize

For your marketing to be effective, you need to know your audience better. Interact with them and try to understand what they need. The closer you get to them the better. They will feel like you know them. This is a number one social media strategy to earn the loyalty of your customers.

Create comprehensive and convincing Profiles and Bios

Followers want to know you and the only way is by visiting your social media bios and profiles. Ensure that you break down who you are in an interesting way. State what you stand for and why you brand should be the number one choice for every social visitor. Big brands are making a killing out the social profiles and so should you with your small brand.

Audit your social media performance

Is your presence on social media bearing any fruits? If not, there are things you are doing the wrong way. Carry out an audit of your activities and see where you are underperforming. Find ways to fix that. Do not use a failing strategy; you have to change with time.

Keep pace with new trends

Social media has a new thing each day. Ensure that you are on top of what is trending. Adopt new features and apps as they came. This means you will remain relevant at all times.

The Top Free Photo Editing Software Out There


While Adobe Photoshop still remains the ideal go-to software when you want professional looking photos the truth is that it comes at a price. It also comes with many advanced features that may be hard to navigate especially for amateur photographers. Thankfully there are numerous other digital photography software options that are great for photo editing and come at no cost at all. Below are 5 of the best free digital photography software available according to our colleagues at an Orange County photographer service.


This is a powerful software that many consider the best alternative for Photoshop. From sharpening photos to cropping out unwanted details on your photos, this software can do it all and so much more and the good thing is that it comes at no cost at all. That said the software comes with an intuitive interface that may take some getting used to. It, however, comes with numerous tools and is arguably the best free digital photography software you can get. The software works on Windows, Linux, and Mac Platforms.

2. Picasa

This is a free software by Google that works well with devices with Windows and Mac operating systems. The software can be used as a desktop application for non-destructive image adjustments, creating albums and for organizing your photos. The software also connects to online albums on the Picasa which makes it easy to share photos from the desktop with family and friends online.

It is important to note that while Picasa is effective in making visual changes on photos it does not change the original photo. It, however, offers quite a variety of editing tools and is generally user-friendly.

3. PhotoScape

You can use PhotoScape for photo editing, resizing your images, and adding new effects among many other tasks. The editing tab comes with a wide variety of options that will ensure that you end up with perfect digital images. Even better, this software comes with a dedicated tab that makes it easy to create GIFS from your images. Other notable features include a renaming tool, an image splitter, and a batch editor. This software works on Windows and Mac Platforms.

4. Pixlr Editor

This is a great photo editing software that you can use with your computer, phone, and on the web. This software offers a variety of filters that you can use to change and enhance your images. It also comes with numerous tools that make photo editing possible even in machines with small spaces possibly. The only downside with the browser version of the software is that it comes with Ads that limits the overall space you get for photo editing. This is, however, something you can overlook considering the many editing options you get and the fact that you do not have to pay a penny to use the software.

5. Paint.NET

At first glance, this looks pretty much like Paint program on Microsoft Office. Do not let this deceive you as the software has so much more to offer. You can make minor adjustments to your photos, add effects and even add text to your photos. This free digital photography software is straightforward and among the best digital editing software available. It, however, offers a handful of editing tools and is only great for minor photo adjustments on Windows Platforms.

The Future of Video Advertising is Important


The importance and future of video advertising cannot be underestimated. The emergence of new technologies in online marketing has made the promotion of businesses, products and services easier. One of the advancements in the digital marketing scene is the use of creative video advertisements.

The future of advertising videos

Going by the high number of adverts on YouTube website and other web-based digital marketing platform, it is apparent that Video advertising is set to become a top marketing strategy in the nearby future. Marketing researchers in the US forecast that approximately 80% of internet users will go for video advertising by 2017. There is a high potential of engaging target audience using this marketing strategy as it attracts both the visual and mental faculties of the targets.

Importance of advertising videos

Videos help in engaging prospective buyers for long without them getting bored. Also, it makes participation of the target audience realistic as it has a greater impact that is measurable and appealing.

Most of the consumers prefer to watch advert videos before they opt to purchase a product. Thus, the videos help them to decide on the best product to satisfy their wants.

So the question arises, why is video advertising important?

Engaging the users

All over the internet, there is information overload, videos are naturally engaging and captivates the audience easily. Therefore, the importance and future of video when it comes to advertising will only increase.

Low Production Costs

Small businesses that are worried about budget constraints need not worry about the cost of producing advertising videos. Over the years, the cost of producing advertising videos has reduced drastically. The trend has no sign of reducing whatsoever because many players have realized the importance of video production and they can predict the future which looks blissful.

There is Always an Audience

Whenever a video is captivating, it will always have an audience. Therefore, it is important to produce videos that are captivating and interesting, and the viewers will always be many.

Social Media

There are so many platforms in social media that one can use to advertise their products. The video will reach its full potential when shared using all platforms including mobile phones and tablets.


With advertising videos, one has no limits to the creativity you can put into the video to boost its viewership.


Whenever a customer watches a video from a company, the way they perceive company changes and they can view the brand either favorably or otherwise depending on the content of the video.

Bringing the Cost of Doing Business Down

Many companies carry out consumer research frequently to measure brand usage, brand visibility and shifting preferences of customers. Research budgets are always very high as most research is outsourced. With advancement in technology and introduction of video advertising, a company can use information such as browser history, social media data and online and offline purchases to understand their customers better and thereby come up with video ads that will cater to customers diverse needs.

High-Speed Streaming

The world is geared towards digitizing their television sets using set-top boxes and smart TVs. With this kind of technological advancement, the importance and future of video advertising look very promising. There will be need of high-quality video advertisement that needs to be used by the digital TVs.

Demand is Increasing Sharply

Research has shown that there is a sharp demand for video advertising from TV and other agencies. We can, therefore, deduce that the demand has been created by customers shifting preferences towards traditional methods of getting information to easier and faster ways of getting the information. Youtube has witnessed a sharp increase in their videos which goes to show the importance of video advertising.

Prime Content is Captivating

Consumers are always looking for high-quality video advertising content which is mostly created by broadcast and cable TV.

Broadband Infrastructure Keeps on Expanding

Video advertising viewing has increased rapidly to an extent that the broadband infrastructure is unable to cope. Research has shown that one in four Americans has no access to the broadband internet, but they have a way of accessing video advertising content. For instance, they access videos through their mobile phones or tablets.

In conclusion, the importance and future of video advertising will only increase over time as research has shown. Therefore, as a business that is concerned with changing customer preferences, it is important to invest in quality videos that will pass the message to your clients.

If You Want To Be An Entrepreneur, Don’t Do These Things


Internet business which is also referred to as online business or e-commerce is a type of business which happens online or over the internet. A business that runs any or all of their operations using the internet is an internet business. This can be buying or selling through internet or provision of an online service.

For an internet business, your office or shop is online and branding is important just like a physical office or shop in order to appeal to the customers.
Internet business can be of different fronts. They can be in the form of:
-Online shops and marketing
-Social media accounts.

Top 5 New Entrepreneur Mistakes

Some of the common mistakes made by individuals who are new in the online business include:

1. Not being different enough.

Internet business just like another form of business come with a challenge of competition. Customers tend to have a variety of choices to choose from. It is important to give your potential customers reason why they should choose your product or service over the other competitors. To be above the rest, you should be able to come up with unique product or services. Being better in the internet business is not enough, you have to be different compared to other competitors.

2. Starting with wrong expectations.

Building a successful internet business is a massive undertaking. If you have a part time job somewhere else, it will be much harder to make it. Most of the new internet business entrepreneurs hope for overnight success when they start their business. There is nothing like overnight success in internet business. Before venturing into internet business, it is important to get some insights from other entrepreneurs who have already achieved it. Ask about the timeline and stress involved and ask what it takes to be successful. After getting the advice, ask yourself if you are prepared for that.

3. Not listening to customers

It is important to listen to every feedback you get from the customers. Don’t only listen to validators, but also take extra emphasis on the people who buy your product but don’t use it, others who say they can’t buy or people who return your products after buying. Service standard must always be above expectations. Without customers, you don’t have a business that’s why it is said customers are always right. Not listening to customers will basically end your business.

4. Solving problems no one cares about.

When deciding on the type of internet business to engage in, ask yourself if it is solving a problem for a big number of people. Online businesses always fail when they try to solve problems that no individual cares about. If your product or service is out there and no one buys it , then probably you should look for a major problem to solve.

5. Hiring wrong people.

As an entrepreneur, you might have a brilliant internet business idea but this will only turn into a profitable business if the people you are hiring are brilliant enough to implement the idea. The hiring of staff is a major milestone that needs to be done with great care. Consider getting staff with different skills from you and can play a devil advocate to help you find a balance.

In conclusion, internet business has major advantages compared to the traditional forms of business which require office or shop. The entrepreneur eliminates the cost of rent, he has greater flexibility and efficiency in service delivery, and 24/7 accessibility to customers. With all the benefits, it is important to have in mind the challenges that come with doing internet business and get solution early enough.